Torrian Crawford, J. 2020,

Based in Austin, Texas, USA

-From Detroit MI

I knew I wanted to be an animator / animation director from the moment I saw animation works from cut scenes in video-games like Final Fantasy, to crazy cool action set pieces in movies like the Matrix and The Fast and Furious.

I take pride in bringing excitement and energy to characters and the stories being told about and through them. I love not only building and creating awesome action scenes as well as collaborating with talented people as a director to help bring to life the creators vision, while injecting it with my own unique style and passion.  


Animation Director for hit series


Animator and fight choreographer for CG gen:Lock anime staring Michael B. Jordan

Animation Director and showrunner for season 18 of the hit web series 

Red Vs Blue.

Motion Capture actor and producer for a variety of shows.


Helped create a virtual production pipeline using the Unreal Engine real-time rendering engine.